Saturday, July 02, 2005

The morning of...

David constant jokes that I have two modes: "on" and "off". There is no screensaver or down time for me. No cuddling on the couch or sitting back and reading the newspaper. It is funny because my whole family is this way, so I did not realize how strange this was until David pointed it out to me. Growing up, our house was filled with constant activity. Like all children we watched television, but mainly as an accompaniment to other things like folding the laundry or eating dinner. After dinner, my dad would work on the cars (his mistresses, my mom called them), and my mom would do the household chores. My sister and I would race to finish our homework so that we could work on our crafts. It drives David absolutely crazy that I am always "on". He likes to lounge in bed on a lazy Saturday morning perhaps picking up a book to pass the time, but once I am awake, I am working on Maya Road, washing the laundry, or scrapbooking. He complains that we are not like normal couples because I refuse to sit on the couch with him and just watch a video. And he hates it when I fastforward during the boring parts of DVDs. I figure, life is short. Why waste it on that? I love sleep, so I never wake up unless I absolutely have to do something. Which is why this morning is strange. We purposely stayed up until 4 am playing mahjong and Settlers with some friends,so that we would sleep late before the jump. But for some reason, I could not sleep. Waking up every 20 minutes became too annoying, so I decided to just go ahead and get up and get some work done. A very rare event that I did not sleep the maximum amount possible. Only 4 hours away from the jump, and I am not exactly nervous, but I am certainly a little on edge. There is this energy tinged with fear that is shadowing me. Perhaps I will awaken a slumbering David so that we can enjoy the anticipation together....


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