Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Me, stressed? Say it ain't so...

Recently, I have been really clamoring to get everything done, and even if I had another 5 hours a day, I would probably still be way behind. Maya Road is really taking off and while I am very excited, it is quite hard to manage the design, production and development side of a growing business all at once. I have a great passion for taking a product from conception to reality. I take a conversation or discussion with Caroline and start working on how to make it happen. From the drawing board to getting to our warehouse, everything from A to Z is my responsiblity. I have spent years working in and with large companies. And I can tell you, entrepreneurship is like flying without a net. Every dollar made is your own, but every mistake is also yours. You have the power to make or break your own business with every decision. I love it. :)


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