Sunday, July 24, 2005

My name is Deborah, and I am a workaholic...

David constantly jokes that I am a workaholic, and you know what? He is so right! I am someone who has to be constantly busy. I cannot bring myself to just sit down and watch television without feeling the nagging feeling that I could be using my time more wisely. It is part guilt at what I am not doing and part hope that I will finally get control of the craziness that keeps me moving. I am not sure when this started, but I definitely know who I got it from. My mother worked from morning to night and rarely ever had down time. She took on a ton of odd jobs from driving a school bus to working the night shift doing data entry to managing a restaurant to make ends meet. I never saw her stop for a moment, and I guess I just absorbed that way of doing things. We were not well off while I was growing up, so I did not have a lot of toys. When I was 6 or so, my mom taught me to crochet. When I was 7 or 8, she taught me how to knit. When I was 8, she taught me to sew. By 13, my sister and I started our own business making handcrafts to sell at local tradeshows and consignment shops. I spent hours creating things my hand. By the time I graduated from college, I had crocheted 2 full sized comforters, knit half a dozen scarves, and hand made over a thousand clay animals. I take this intensity and passion to Maya Road. When you own your own business, there is no going home. There is always more to do, and I want to do it. I am not sure I could stop even if I wanted to... :)


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