Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A week of firsts....

Since coming back from Hong Kong, Jonathan has reached so many new milestones. He has learned so many new things each day that it is hard to keep up. Let's see. He has learned to sit up all by himself, started saying "milk milk" in baby sign language, and eat solids! Above is a photo of his first few bites of rice cereal from a spoon. He really took to being fed with a spoon despite it being totally new. He also has so much curiosity. He was sitting on his daddy's lap during dinner, and he leaned forward to have a bite of his daddy's spaghetti from the bowl. So funny... I am mostly better other than this terrible cough. I was taking codeine and that made Jonathan pretty sleepy, so I have been trying really hard not to take very much or to take it after I pump. David joked that we should save some of the codeine milk for our next airplane trip. :) Our new nanny started, and she is great. It is like hiring my mother or mother-in-law to take care of Jonathan. And she loves him a lot. He really took to her immediately even though he is usually a bit nervous around strangers. I think it is because she sort of looks like my MIL. So here is a bit of a sneak peek. This is the COOLEST book. It is shaped like an arrow and totally cute. I love it! This was Caroline's idea, and it is SO easy to use. There are many other additions to our binder collection, so stay tuned... One of my favorite pastimes is to photograph Jonathan napping with his daddy. Here is one from this weekend. Jonathan woke up when I was taking photos. And he started to laugh hysterically... He loves my SLR and starts to giggle when he sees it. :) Until 2 days from now... I need some sleep and some codeine. P.S. To the gals who posted comments on the last sneak, yup! I used a mix of Chinese knotting and Celtic inspiration. In fact, the original design had several other knots which did not translate well to chipboard. But these are SO cool... I have some here to RAK for those who posted on Jonathan's Christmas post. And I will host one more RAK during the show, so stay tuned!


Blogger Corinnexxx said...

wow this is the best book I have ever seen, seriously!!! Can you email me please when you are shipping these, might want to use them for a workshop I am teaching in March, let me know please?


1/16/2007 03:24:00 AM  
Blogger Laura Vigliarolo said...

I love the book, and the pictures of the two sleeping together are great, who wears who out?????

1/16/2007 04:22:00 AM  
Blogger Dale Anne said...

Oh I LOVE that arrow album......I sure hope they will be available online somewhere (I live out in the middle of nowhere in SW Saskatchewan, Canada - so not many scrapping stores here).

1/16/2007 09:31:00 AM  
Blogger Gigi said...

can't wait to get my hands on that arrow album! i've got so many ideas for it already!! thanks for the peek! gigi

1/16/2007 01:04:00 PM  
Blogger Shirley said...

Love the new album! And what a sweet picture!

1/17/2007 07:16:00 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

that picture is too cute :) what a blessing to find a great Nanny! and that book...amazing :)

1/18/2007 08:18:00 PM  
Blogger Vee said...

so love this mini arrow book!!

2/06/2007 11:19:00 PM  

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