Friday, April 21, 2006

Toilet paper and tummies

So I am happy to reveal I am 9.25 sheets of toilet paper wide. And so is David. I am not sure he is happy to find out that he is as big as his "whale" of a wife. I am starting to wear his cotton boxers around the house just so I have something that fits to put on. I did not really buy many maternity clothes since they only last a few months, so it is hard to find something that I can just hang around in. My sister gave David a pair of sweatpants a few years ago from a company run. They are my go-to pants now. It sort of depressed me the day I had to let out the drawstring about 3 weeks ago, but they feel so much better. I feel sort of awkward and big all the time. Most of my co-workers do not think I look 7 months along, but I feel every inch! I hear you get even bigger, sooner with a second one. Something to look forward to, I guess... I had this terrible leg cramp last night that was so bad, I screamed aloud. I can usually make it out of bed and hopping on one foot without waking David, but last night, I yelled and yelled. So all day, I have been limping about with an awkward waddle. :) One more thing about pregnancy I did not know. I cannot sit on the floor anymore. I was playing Halo the other night with David and one of his friends, and my leg fell asleep. (Happy to note that I still beat them!) I like to scrapbook on the floor too, but tonight, I sat down to cut some photo paper from the roll, and I could barely get up. Also it is increasingly hard to stand up from a long, hot bath too. I have to grip both sides and heave myself out of the water. No one tells you these things when they talk about the miracle of pregnancy. I think it is conspiracy to further the human race... Perhaps if I had read one of those pregnancy books BEFORE we started trying, I might have scared myself out of having babies for a few more years! Sometimes ignorance is bliss... :)


Blogger Shirley said...

You are too funny! ;) Bananas help with the cramping!!!!

4/21/2006 06:30:00 AM  

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