Monday, March 12, 2007


It has been a busy weekend.
  1. Hmmm... So I was having a good evening, hanging with Jonathan, and getting some work done. Then suddenly, bllahhh.... And I spent most of the rest of the evening cleaning up baby vomit. Poor kiddo has tummy trouble. DH is convinced it is caused by the Gerber Chicken and Veggies, but the advice nurse said it was the stomach flu. I am not sure... I wish babies came with StarTrek-like universal translators. And our Pottery Barn rug? Well, it is not pretty. But armed with some Oxyclean, I was at least able to get out most of the stains and smell. I will have to see how it all dries tomorrow. It is a good thing we had the foresight to buy a colorful knit rug and dark couch. Just a hint for those of you future parents. LOL! :)
  2. I hosted our church mommy and me group on Friday. It was fun, but crazy having like 8 moms and 9 kiddos here. And my little guy got roughed up by some of the bigger, badder kiddos. They are all under 1, and I am not sure they all understand "sharing" yet. I am not sure I am going to volunteer again for a bit. Jonathan is pretty sedate, so he yields his toys to other folks a lot. Even his cousin, Noah, roughs him up a bit. And Jonathan sort of just sits there and goes, "Um, are you hitting me?"
  3. Our washing machine broke on Thursday, and we asked someone to come out and fix on Friday. He said that we were better off buying a new one than fixing it. So I was hunting for a new machine. But David had a brillant idea to test the broken part, and after some time on the internet, I figured out it was the lid switch. So we spent the afternoon with a completely dismantled washing machine, struggling to put in a new lid switch. And of course, we ended up with one extra piece that we could not fit back. But it works. :)
  4. We went to Stanford to visit my friend who fell from 25 ft. It was so great seeing him. I mean, this is someone who fell and shattered his face, but amazingly, he is doing well well. I felt a little anxious going there, but it was so wonderful seeing him. I hope I did not sound inane, but it is hard to hold a one-sided conversation without sounding at least a little silly. I brought Jonathan to meet him, and the little dude behaved so properly in the hospital room.
  5. We borrowed an Xbox (ours has trouble reading Ubisoft games) and played Splinter Cell: Double Agent which I got for my birthday from my friend, Andrew. I love first person shooters best, but I guess stealth games like this are a great second. A lot of guys tell me that I do not look like a gamer, but it is nice to shoot something virtual to get out some aggression. David and I take turns when it is the solo play, but we like to play in split screen co-op mode more.
  6. I got a new cell phone. Yeah! My sis and I had the same old Nokia from like 3 years ago. And we both got new Sanyo Katana's. At this point, anything is better than the stupid Nokia. The charge lasted only like 12 hours (if you did not talk) and like 6 if you did. It was annoying. I am glad to finally have a new phone so I can even hear anyone. I used to have to put it on speakphone just to be able to hear someone talk.
That is about it for now. We are closing the books for MR in 2006, so it has been busy. Another container arrives on Tuesday or so with more CHA Winter goodies! Yeah! These containers come about every 4 to 6 weeks now like clockwork, so we are always restocking.


Blogger Shirley said...

poor guy! hope that he feels better soon and that your carpet is as good as new! ;)

3/12/2007 05:42:00 AM  

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