Sunday, April 08, 2007

A scrapbook page...

We were asked to email a "memory book" page for the 5th reunion of my GSB biz school class. I was just going to do the usual thing. Stick on a couple pics and write a few words. I was 50% done, when I thought, wait... I am a scrapbooker. Why not actually make a layout instead? So I did. I took a basic outline from LO I did for HOF, and I adapted it to make a digital page. While it was interesting to do a digi-page, it was somehow just not as satisfying as playing with paper and products. In fact, most of the ideas I used were straight from my paper pages. I guess I do what I know. :) For some reason, it feels less "real" to me. I still like this page, but if you look at it next to the paper one which inspired it, I just feel more attachment to the physical one. Perhaps it is because I have the x-acto knife scars to go with it! LOL! I put the LO at the bottom of this entry just to tease you... We are working on our taxes. It is SO hard to do with our jobs and business. TurboTax is a miracle product, by the way. It is amazing they are able to distill the crazy tax code into a relatively easy to use piece of software. Anyhow, back to the taxes before David catches me typing in my blog. I have about more than a dozen windows open right now including:
  • 3 important powerpoint presentations for work
  • a conversation with my China agent for the shipment going out this week
  • the packing list for the shipment arriving this week
  • the super secret final list of summer products (shh...)
  • the designs for 2 new products
  • the CHA winter order form
  • NPR - On the Media streaming radio program
  • Turbo Tax Home and Business
  • a list of everything we donated in 2006
  • this blog page
  • 2peas forum about scrapbooking
  • a few photos for my next layout
  • Picassa to organize my photos
Anyhow, need to run. Here is my LO. :)


Blogger Laura Vigliarolo said...

I love physical pages not digi, I must feel and pick out the perfect ribbon and embellies that go with the perfect paper, and if I don't poke myself at least once with the paper piecer I don't feel the LO is done.

4/09/2007 05:56:00 AM  

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