Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A little happy news...

I won CK Hall of Fame Honorable Mention! Just wanted to share the happy news. You know, this is my 4th year entering, and honestly the 44 pages (used to be 12 and now it is 10) I have made for the contest are my best work. In fact, they are pretty much my only work. LOL! Caroine is the Queen of the 15 min layout, and I am the one who takes 2 days to even finish. And that is like working 5 or 6 hours on it. :) I do love scrapbooking, but with Jonathan, Maya Road and work, I have not had much time. In fact, I decided to enter while we were at CHA at the end of January. I saw Jeri, Monica and CD, and they really convinced me. Jeri and Monica also got HMs (yeah!) and well, you know CD is the world's best scrapbooker (that is the unofficial title I think... :). I basically had 9 days to put together the whole entry, and I barely slept. I am glad I did it now, but at the time, I was ready to quit. I am definitely not a great scrapbooker like the other HOFers and HMers. No false modesty here. I am just not in that league. But my pages are emotive, the photos are solid, and the journaling is good. And man, I am great at the final assembly. Consider me the Sanjaya of scrapboooking - j/k... I cannot wait to see my LO in the final book. I hope they pick the one I did of David and Jonathan together called "Daddy and me". That is my favorite! There is so much going on, and I have much more to do. And I need more sleep. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me through that last stretch, especially DH, Caroline and Jess. And the 2006 HMers. And my mentor, Leah!


Blogger Robyn W said...

congratulations u did it in how many days......amazing

3/22/2007 01:30:00 AM  
Blogger Sharon said...


3/22/2007 03:53:00 AM  
Blogger Laura Vigliarolo said...


3/22/2007 04:23:00 AM  
Blogger Shirley said...


3/22/2007 06:00:00 AM  
Blogger ~Donna~ said...

Congratulations, Deb!!!!

3/22/2007 11:34:00 AM  
Anonymous tracy f said...

Congratulations! Hope to see little jonathan in CK!

3/22/2007 12:36:00 PM  
Blogger Anam_Kihaku said...

congrats girl! you deserve it :)

3/22/2007 12:39:00 PM  
Blogger Dale Anne said...


3/22/2007 06:48:00 PM  
Blogger cass said...

Woo Hoo!!!!
dont' give me that not a great scrapper #&*%@#'s so not true!

3/23/2007 05:27:00 PM  
Blogger Suzie said...


3/23/2007 08:20:00 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

HOW AWESOME!!! Huge congrats to you Deb :)

3/24/2007 07:00:00 AM  
Blogger suzyplant said...

Yeah Deb - totally deserved - big congrats!!! Suzy

3/27/2007 06:41:00 AM  
Blogger Tiffany said...

Congratulations!!! Awesome news to hear!

3/27/2007 12:51:00 PM  

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