Friday, April 27, 2007

Great deals on photos and babies

My favorite gift idea are photos in a collage frame. I do this for a lot of special occasions, and it is a fun way to give something that your friend may not get to do on her own. I take photos and select a few I like, buy a nice frame and viola, at the next birthday, baby shower, christmas, I have the perfect gift. I usually get frames that match the personality of the friend. So someone with a modern sleek decor would get a silver metal frame, and someone with a traditional home would get a more formal oak one.
  • 11x14 photos for $1.99 at Adoramapix - I got the $2.99 metallic paper ones since those got fabulous reviews. You can pay with PayPal (see promo below)
  • Get 100 free prints at Winkflash - Use this code VP32WE54
  • Buy frames for 55% off at Kohl's - They have nice frames for 55% off this week plus get a $10 coupon for each $50 you spend. And shipping is free above $75.
  • Get $5 off $20 PayPal purchase - Check here and see if you can get $5 off $20 purchases with PayPal - they only sent these to some folks, so you need to enter your email address to check
One more really great deal -
  • 25% Amazon baby stuff - Sign up for a baby registry and just at least 15 items in it by May 31s. Then they will send you a 25% coupon in June. And you can use it on any baby item. I plan to buy A LOT of diapers with that coupon. :)


Blogger Shirley said...

D. why are you creating a baby registry?????

4/28/2007 06:11:00 AM  

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