Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mmm... Mommy's Milk... and the goodness in others

Jonathan had a bit of a cold this week. So here he is with a stuffy nose. :) Looks like the kid in the Similac ads, eh? We did not do much for J for Halloween. We are not huge fans of the holidays given all of the demons and witches and the like, but we do pass out candy. J and D has been under the weather off and on for the past week (probably caught a cold some place last weekend), so we had a chill evening. We had to run to the pharmacy for a flu shot for D and me tonight, so we missed a few of the trick or treaters. To make up for it, we put out our stash of candy in a glass bowl outside. I had a friend whose family did this as a kid, and parents and kids were always polite and only took a few. Anyhow, we walked back from the pharmacy and passed our house on the way to a church down the street to check out their small Halloween event. I heard a parent say "Oh they left some candy out. You should only take one or two." I thought that was nice. Anyhow, we get back to our house maybe 20 mins later, and lo and behold, someone stole ALL of the candy and the BOWL too! I guess I am lucky they left the car in the driveway... :) I mean, who steals a bowl from the front of someone's house? I am imagining that some child goes home and says, "Look, I got all this candy and a great bowl too! Mom, here is a birthday present." Anyhow, I guess one Pyrex bowl should not ruin my faith in humanity, but it is sad. It made me think of what happened to my aunt and uncle in New York. They had a ceramic donkey planter (it is like 3 feet tall) in their front yard for my entire childhood. Everytime I went to their house, I would glance at it. So one year, when I was about 16 or so, I go to their house and their donkey is missing. I asked about it, and my aunt said someone stole it. It is a 3' donkey that has lived outside of their house for over a decade. I cannot believe it would fetch much money, and I am sure whoever took it was not thinking, "Wow, what a great lawn ornament. I need this for my house!" as they hauled the very heavy and large donkey into their car trunk. I guess you have to nail things down, nowadays, eh? Have a great night! Hope your kiddos got a good candy haul, because I am sure someone in my neighborhood did! :)


Blogger Corinnexxx said...

hopefully the mom of this kid will think twice and get you your bowl back , some people! such a cute picture!


11/01/2006 01:47:00 AM  
Blogger Laura Vigliarolo said...

Watch out he's going to be one heck of a charmer when he gets older. I hope you get your bowl back.

11/01/2006 04:21:00 AM  
Blogger Shirley said...

Adorable picture! Yup, kids have no morals/manners these days. We have neighbors that do that so they can take their kids out and punks take everything....

11/01/2006 06:36:00 AM  
Anonymous PROLIX from la Normandie said...

What a pic!

11/01/2006 08:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Anna-Marie Still said...

It's so sad really, isn't it? We took our kiddos out to our Church last night for a Harvest Fair and I had the thought to leave a bowl out, but then thought one person would ruin it for everyone else by taking it all. Sadly, I even felt the need to bring in our pumpkins before we left - the kids would be heartbroken if they were smashed or missing when we got back. You should post "MISSING" flyers around your neighborhood with a picture of your bowl on it - like a "tongue in cheek" kind of thing. It may not bring your bowl back, but it might instill a small bit of guilt & remorse in the offender - if nothing else it would give your neighbors a good laugh!

11/01/2006 08:57:00 AM  
Blogger Sherri said...

Oh I hope some mom has a kid marched back to your house with your bowl to apologize!
Adorable photo!!!

11/01/2006 10:09:00 AM  
Blogger scrap 67 said...

We do not have halloween in Holland but those things happen here all the time.
When we have litlle lights in the christmastrees outside they take it away. My youngest was born a few years ago it is here a traditionan to make a white stork with a diaper in his mouth. In the diaper is a babydoll they took away the doll. Isn,t that crazy.

11/01/2006 11:24:00 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

love the picture...that is so crazy that someone took your bowl. we don't do the Halloween thing with our children either, we just have a family fun night at home!

11/01/2006 04:30:00 PM  
Anonymous tracy said...

Gee, that is not very nice. Karma will come back to that 'candy bowl stealer'. ;)

11/01/2006 07:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Greta said...

Sorry to hear about the bowl. If it's not nailed down in this town, you have to expect it to be stolen. My hubby stayed home to pass out candy - he was amazed at the older kids out, the gall kids had to ask for candy for their "bro/sis" in the car and the lack of costumes on kids! UGH! Next year I think I'll post a "No costume, No candy and must be present to recieve" sign! Always a few bad ones in the bunch huh? I hope you're all on mend and that the bowl returns!

11/01/2006 09:27:00 PM  

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